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Cloud Lounge is a digital venue, metaverse space and events platform. Free for all, 24/7. Cloud Lounge has many uses, including a live music venue, social hub, event, talk, exhibition and gallery space, or as a business conference space.

The Cloud Lounge stage is the main focus during your event, which we recommend will last about an hour. Your performance will be shown either as a live stream or a ‘as live’ pre-recording. You can appear as an avatar of yourself on stage and are free to dance about, play air guitar, man the decks, or just to mingle and chat with your fans, it’s entirely up to you! You might want to allow for gaps between tracks to interact with your audience as you might in a real world gig.

We’ll display your performance as a high quality video stream of you / your band performing in your real life studio or on stage with the audio played digitally throughout the Cloud Lounge’s digital sound system. Click here (opens in new window) for a more in-depth ‘how-to’ to streaming on Spatial, the platform we use.

Cloud Lounge will have an official launch in early 2023 (more updates to follow). We hope that you are as excited as we are for the launch and look forward to seeing you there!

Cloud Lounge has been designed and created by a collection of Digital Creatives, 3D artists, Metaverse Architects and general emerging-technology enthusiasts. Cloud Lounge was created by iCreate – a creative studio that specialise in groundbreaking and high quality CGIs, 3D animations and Visualisations. If you wish to know more about iCreate and their work, please visit here
Cloud Lounge can be widely accessed using VR headset, desktop computer or even just a mobile cellphone, making it completely accessible to all audiences. For a wholly more immersive experience we recommend Cloud Lounge in Virtual Reality if you have a compatiable VR headset. Check out this page for a full list of compatible hardware.
Absolutely! Got an idea for your own Metaverse space for your band, venue or organisation? We welcome you to contact us and we’ll have a discussion about your needs!

Cloud Lounge is definitively a 24 Hours, 7 Days a week venue that you can attend at any time, no matter where you are in the world. Each day, usually in the evenings (GMT time) live events will take place. Check the What’s on page to see what is coming up. At certain times, areas of Cloud Lounge will be reserved for specific parties and events and if you are interested in making a booking for your event please do get in touch!

Metaverse (or Web 3.0 which it is sometimes called, we’re currently on Web 2.0) is a term used to describe the next step in the life of the internet. In simplest terms it is the internet but in 3D. On a technical level It incorporates various new and emerging technologies and concepts (such as artificial intelligence, decentralisation, blockchain, cryptocurrencies etc.) But ultimately, to the average user it offers a far more immersive and enjoyable experience focused on social interaction, communication and connection. Cloud Lounge is a great example of the latter, with the aim of providing a fun, engaging and accessible experience for all.

An avatar is simply a digital representation of you within the Metaverse! Avatars are commonly found in digital environments whether that be a video game or a Metaverse / VR space like Cloud Lounge. You can usually customise the avatar to represent your personal style and taste (as you can within Cloud Lounge). Have fun and get creative!

We welcome you to contact us and we’ll have answer any questions and discuss your needs!

You can also say Hi! on all social media platforms – we’re on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, & Twitch We’d love to see your screenshots from within Cloud Lounge! So please feel free to tag and share…

You can also post screenshots to Instagram of you, finding our hidden bitcoins with #bitcoinchallenge …Can you find them all? Prizes for winners may even be available! 😉

Absolutely. Please get in contact and we can discuss both your requirements and availability.
Yes absolutely, your online safety and well-being during your visit
at Cloud Lounge is of utmost importance to us.

Guardify logoWe have enlisted Guardify to ensure the safety of those attending and performing whilst in Cloud Lounge. Guardify protect against any harrassment or abuse of any guests and artists, and harmful content within our virtual spaces and the wider metaverse, in general. We operate a zero tolerance policy and anyone deemed to be acting in a manner offensive or threatening to others will be instantly ejected from the space.

Cloud Lounge is accessible to everyone. Please be advised however that due to the wide range of artists that perform at Cloud Lounge discretion is advised. Cloud Lounge operates an over 18 advisory policy in our venue for both guests and artists. Some acts may potentially use explicit or offensive lyrics.

Explicit Lyrics warning

Guardify will be present at all events to monitor and ensure your safety. However should you have a problem, or witness or experience any threatening behaviour within our venue by another guest, you can quickly alert our Guardify team by anonymously clicking the user’s name and selecting ‘Report’.