this area isnt ready yet. come back soon! 🙂

this area isn't ready yet.
Come back soon! 🙂

Are you a DJ, Musician, Artist or Filmmaker?

Do you want new audiences and followers?

We’re now inviting you to book a FREE performance date at Metaverse venue in 2023!

We just need a few details…


Cloud Lounge is a unique online venue where as a musician, band or DJ you can host your online event. Perform to existing fans and gain new ones. Best of all, it's free! Optionally, to hire the venue for your ticketed event please enquire


The venue can also host your exhibition in our space. Talks, Digital NFT & conventional art gallery exhibits, sculptural exhibits, photography exhibitions, fashion design shows... all are welcomed within our dedicated art space


We also welcome film makers to use our cinema space complete with raked seating for screenings, or for a movie premiere. Optionally the entire Cloud Lounge space can be hired and the giant stage screen also used concurrently

Promoting yourself

We use all main popular social media channels to publicise both you and your event to a worldwide audience. This includes both beforehand to promote your upcoming event, and during, with live video streams to major social channels, effectively broadening your audience to millions of people online. These will also be made available for you to use later on your own socials and websites.


Gain new audiences

Through cross-footfall, both our exhibition and music spaces are linked, and guests attending one event are encouraged to explore. 85% of users visit all venue areas in a session.



You will be able to sell your goods to your fans and audience (clothing, art, media, NFT’s…) in our venue’s store, available to all performers and artists appearing at Cloud Lounge.

Step into the future.
Cloud Lounge is a completely new type of venue. Free to access and open all hours, Cloud Lounge is a unique Metaverse space set over three levels, with a bar, digital stage and creative exhibition area, as well as numerous comfortable break out spaces, all enjoying breathtaking city views.

Free entry, open all hours – explore, socialise and meet. Hire Cloud Lounge to host your own metaverse party or event.

Bands, Artists and Filmmakers – contact us to book your metaverse gigs.

Film makers – contact us to book your metaverse screening


Many types of artists and musicians alike use Cloud Lounge: Soloist & bands, streaming gigs either live, or pre-recorded ‘as live’ gigs, DJ sets, MC’s sets, guest speaker Talks, both Digital NFT and conventional ‘canvas’ artist galleries, photographic exhibitions, fashion design shows, and film makers and film screenings.

A growing trend combines real and online worlds for extra special events. So for example your real world launch event can be simultaneously attended online in a virtual event at Cloud Lounge. Or similarly vice-versa, your Cloud Lounge gig or event can be streamed live to millions via social feeds such as Facebook or YouTube. How’s that for broadening your audience?!

Whether you’re accessing Cloud Lounge through the latest VR headset, your mobile phone, or your computer, you’ll discover a unique metaverse venue that you’ll want to return to, again and again.

Cutting edge lighting technology, digital displays and sumptuous futuristic décor combine for an unforgettable experience. Find your way to the upper gallery for incredible views over the city (only the most skilful navigators will make it to the VIP lounge at the top of the space!)  

Meet your mates online at Cloud Lounge and explore together, or make new friends at the bar, it’s entirely up to you. Find a quiet space for an informal metaverse meeting, or Contact us for private venue hire.

We’re building a programme of free and ticketed events to keep audiences entertained, from live bands, to art exhibitions, to film screenings and educational talks. Find out what’s on, or contact us to host your upcoming event at Cloud Lounge.
We know that some metaverse spaces are toxic and unsafe, not somewhere you want to spend time relaxing or let your young people hang out. Cloud Lounge is different.

Guardify logoThanks to our partnership with Guardify, Cloud Lounge is protected by our team of security staff who will be present at all events, and will eject and ban anyone who contravenes our Code of Conduct. Inappropriate behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated, and complaints will be handled at our discretion swiftly through the security desk in the form of ejection from the event and in some cases bans.

Our goal is to keep people safe and ensure everyone has a great experience at Cloud Lounge. Please be advised that we are an age 18+ advisory venue and some of event artist’s lyrics may be explicit or offensive to some.

Should you observe or experience anything that you think we should know about during your time at Cloud Lounge please click on the name of the offending party and click ‘Report‘ to alert us.
Ultimately good clean fun in the metaverse is what Cloud Lounge is all about.

Responding to the demand for online events that create connection, Cloud Lounge has been built to keep audiences engaged. Gather in a unique metaverse venue, where the stage is set for an awesome virtual experience.

Built by the experienced team of metaverse architects at, Cloud Lounge is hosted on Spatial, the best metaverse platform for events, culture and community.

Cloud Lounge is accessed by both you and your guests either by using a VR headset (best for the full immersive experience and recommended for hosts) or mobile phone, or a desktop computer. Fuller details regards to apps and links will be provided in your marketing pack once you’ve booked.Playing in the metaverse is a bit different to a real world gig, so let us talk you through how it works… 

When we book your band to play at Cloud Lounge, we will require a few key digital assets and requirements so we can set the space up for your gig.  These will include:
  1. At least one high quality video recording of your live performance – a one-hour set with good quality sound and visual. 
  2. If performing a live stream set we’ll need to know this in advance to get the technical side of things in place so please do let us know as soon as possible after your booking is confirmed!
  3. Your branding artwork, album artwork and any other graphics can also be submitted, to be preloaded onto screens, banners and signage throughout the venue.  
  4. Links to your website and social media channels which can be embedded close to the stage.  
  5. Probably the most important! We’ll need your commitment to properly promoting your event to existing followers, our marketing pack will help which will contain everything you need from templates to great promo ideas.

The date and time of your gig will be agreed with you, and we will add the information to the What’s On section of our website. We will promote your gig to our social media followers, but as above you will need to get your fanbase audience there on the night. A Cloud Lounge gig can accommodate up to 500 people (which includes your band members and two admin members of our team). On the night, you will want to arrive at Cloud Lounge a good 15-20 minutes ahead of your start time to get settled in.  What happens next is up to you!

We will stream either your pre-recorded performance or live stream onto the main stage and play it through all the speakers in the main bar.  You and your band members can occupy the main stage throughout the gig – dance, jump around, play air guitar(!), and generally take up the space however you choose. Creative ideas are welcomed.  If pre-recording, your mics can still be made live so you can sing along with your video, or talk to the audience. Consider editing your video to allow gaps between songs, so you can interact with the live audience as you would in a real world gig.  After the show do stay, relax and mingle with your guests, explore the space and hang out for a while. We can continue to play your music through the speakers, and display promotional information on the screens for the next hour provided you supply us with the content you want to include.