and welcome to your cloud lounge gig…



We are very excited to welcome you to perform at Cloud Lounge.  To begin we just need a few things from you.

These will help promote your night in advance, and help us set up the venue ready for the big event.

Read on to make the very best success of your event! 


It's highly recommended to get these all together in advance... use this checklist to make sure you have gathered
everything we need, then use the form below to submit everything to us

The Cloud Lounge stage
Main performance screen on the Cloud Lounge stage
The Cloud Lounge stage is the main focus during your event, which we recommend will last about an hour. Your performance will be shown either as a live stream or a ‘as live’ pre-recording. You can appear as an avatar of yourself on stage and are free to dance about, play air guitar, man the decks, or just to mingle and chat with your fans, it’s entirely up to you! You might want to allow for gaps between tracks to interact with your audience as you might in a real world gig. We’ll display your performance as a high quality video stream of you / your band performing in your real life studio or on stage with the audio played digitally throughout the Cloud Lounge’s digital sound system.   When it comes to supplying us with your event we have three options, depending on what you have already have available and/or are able to supply:

– I’ll just supply my pre-recorded audio for the gig –

Upload or supply a link to just your audio set, and we’ll sort the visuals for example you have great music recording ready but havent sorted video yet. Approximate set duration one hour but by arrangement can be longer if required.

– I’ll provide a pre-recorded video and audio of my performance –

Upload or supply a link your video with audio file. We’ll sort the rest ready for your event. For example a one hour youtube set of you / your band performing in a studio / on stage. Approximate set duration one hour but by arrangement can be longer if required.

– I’m going to live stream myself performing via a screen share-

You’re in control, but we’ll be there in the background ensuring things run smoothly. Just like screen sharing on Zoom your own screen on which you’ll be performing live will be displayed on the Cloud Lounge screen. Click here (opens in new window) for a more in-depth ‘how-to’ to streaming on Spatial, the platform we use. Approximate set duration one hour but by arrangement can be longer if required.

This will be displayed in all your promo materials that we’ll supply you.

.JPG or .PNG format please.


Tip: Don’t have one? Just use your name text in a cool font,saved as an image file.

Using just 500 characters or less, this is your chance to tell everyone a little bit about yourself to sell yourself / your band. We’ll use this in all your promo materials so we recommend making good use of it!


Mention your name, your style of music, and your influences. Move on to some background, on how long you’ve been playing, the bands you’ve played with, and a notable accomplishment. End with what you’re doing currently.

Include (up to) four high quality publicity images of you / your band showing you in your best light. We’ll use these in all your promo materials so make them good ones! .JPG or .PNG format.

Your Cloud Lounge gig will of course be attended by your guests on the night. But not only that- we’ll also be simulataneously live-streaming your event on both yours and our own social media streams to millions of viewers world-wide! How’s that for growing your audience?!

Your website / social links will also be displayed on all your promo’s, and throughout the venue during your event, so they’re a real must-have to grow your fanbase! Pro-tip: Be careful not to include any typos!

This video can be displayed on a loop in the venue before and after your main gig video performance. So for example you could include band member interviews, past gig clips or music videos.

CloudLounge TickerTape
CloudLounge TickerTape… Personalise with your own messages!

Promote your new album, a live tour, a personal message to your fans: Add up to four messages to appear on our live TickerTape above the main bar. For example ‘New track out now listen on SoundCloud’, ‘Live Tour Summer 2023’ etc…

We will help you promote your event by providing you with promo materials to share on your website and social platforms, and include you on our What’s on mailing list, event screens and publicity elsewhere. But the most important promo work is down to you!


…Be sure to let your fans know well in advance about your upcoming Cloud Lounge gig, get them excited, and, get them there!